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Sahasralinga is a pilgrimage place in the Sirsi Taluk in the district of Uttara Kannada of Karnataka state in India. It is on the banks of the river Shalmala and is famous for being the location where around a thousand lingams have been carved on the rocks present on the river bank . In fact, the name Sahasralinga means thousand-lingams in the local language, Kannada. Sahasralinga (thousand-lingams) on the banks of the river Shalmala.

Religious significance

Lingam is a symbol of worship of the Hindu God, Shiva and its on the auspicious day of Mahashivaratri when thousands of pilgrims visit Sahasralinga to offer their prayers to Shiva [2]. Each lingam here has a carving of Nandi facing it.

Distance from Matthuga - 15 Kms.