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If you are interested in trekking, you could choose beautiful places ranging from 1-2 kms to 25-30 kms. From a thick forest/hills to a moderately dense forests/hills or a plane back water shores.

Corporate Activities

"Mutthuga",with its two large halls, is an ideal place to conduct various activities by the corporates like meetings, conferences, get-togethers, brainstorming, team building, workshops and other training programmes or just a stress buster for your top management team.

Nature/Plantation Walk

You can take a walk in 10 areas of our Areca Farm with inter crops like cordomom, banana, vanilla, pepper, coconuts, coffee, mangoes etc. You can even take a long walk amidst paddy fields, Areca Gardens, rubber plantations etc outside our farm.

Bird Watching

If you are interested in bird watching, you can watch thousands of birds of western ghats in and around our farm. Few of those birds are Indian Moorhen, Purple Moorhen, Bronze-winged Jacana, Red-wattled Lapwing, Black-winged Stilt, Blue Rock Pigeon etc.

Why only birds, you could watch the entire wildlife of western ghats like wild animals, birds, snakes, insects and other creatures. Few of the birds seen here are:

Porphyrio Porphyrio

Grey Heron

Black Ibis

White Ibis

white-necked Stork

Indian Pond Heron

Wood Sandplper

Red Wattled Lapwing

Cattle Egret

Large Egret

Little Egret

Median Egret


You can also witness various farming activities of malnad areas, depending on the season in which you are coming like planting, picking, weeding, harvesting etc of various farm crops. You can also participate in such activities, so that you and your family members especially children will get a first hand experience of such farm practices.

Night Walking

You can experience the mesmerizing nights of forest areas with deadly silence of the nature or rarest sounds of many birds, animals, insects etc by choosing a walk in the night ranging from 1-2 kms upto 8-10 kms. That is going to be an unimaginable thing in the urban areas and hence becomes an unforgettable experience for you and your family.

Short Trips

We can suggest and assist you to have short trips of a day or two to the nearest farms, temples, back water shores, hills, forests, water falls, wild life sanctuaries, historical places, sea shores, hill stations etc depending on your taste and availability of time etc. We can arrange vehicles and guides also.

Do nothing

This is one of the great activity very few people specially urbanites can do!! Don't do anything. Be away with your cellphone, TV, newspaper, internet or any of the above activity we offer. There is no rule that you should be doing one or the other activities always! You can just spend your day quietly without any activity peacefully being with yourself, introspecting, meditating etc.

Just be with YOURSELF...